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Zolo Cotton Sling, size small, in the Rose Stripe pattern, which is discontinued and no longer available on their website. $30ppd to US/Canada, other countries we'll work something out on shipping.

Condition: Very Good Condition in terms wear & tear -- no rips, holes, tears or obvious sewing flaws. Fabric still very nice (no wash wear or permanent "dinginess"). Good Condition in terms of cosmetics: There are 2 small purple dots on the UNDERSIDE, above the shoulder seam of the sling. Basically if you flip over the end with the rings, the dots are there near the horizontal seam. They are not visible when you wear the sling, even if you spread out the fabric, because they are above the shoulder seam (see photos). I'm not sure what these are - they appeared one day after washing the sling and I haven't been able to remove them.

The sling has been washed on cold and hung to dry. Lovingly stored when not in use. We are a smoke-free, one-cat home, but kitty is nowhere near the sling.

Funded paypal, checks, or money orders happily accepted. PM with interest.

Photos are here:
Rose Stripe Cotton Zolo
Rose Stripe Pattern Close-up
Dots 1
Dots 2
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