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My 15 year old dd really wants a high school diploma. She has been taking math courses with our local state virtual school for the past 2 years in order to get credits ( she is advanced in math and already started algebra 2 last year and did great)

She does not want to do the virtual school full time since it is very time consuming and she would not have time to pursue her other interests (like writting, poetry etc)

A friend of mine recommended penn foster as a "bare bones" school. THey learn what they need to get their credits and that's it. She also said that her dd was able to finnish and graduate in much less time and that it worked out very well for her and had an easy time getting accepted to college.

Anyone btdt?

I'd really like to hear from others experience with this.

My 18 year old was happy to homeschool on her own ( not through an accreditied school) and then get her GED. She spent this last year designing, and sewing and learning what interests her and is now going overseas for a year of volunteer work.
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