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people in your house

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Does anyone, besides me ,truely dislike people being in your house other than your family? I'm not talking about when your house is a disaster and would hate it if someone saw it. I'm talking about it truely bugs you to have people in your home. I saw on Gene Simmons Family Jewels his SO Shannon Tweed said she HATES people being in the house besides them. Maybe one of your kids friends but that's it. And its not about them "messing it up" its a "my space" kinda thing. Anyone?
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Interesting subject....

I had to think about that one for a moment. We have our dd's friends in the house frequently. I myself don't have people over often. But if I do they stay rather long

I have noticed that i get stressed out from the stimulation of having to keep up a conversation with say... my neighbor when she drops by. I have no problem with people hanging out at my house that don't need to be entertained. I like having people around and not be forced to talk all the time. I have a few friends that works with. And sadly enough we don't live close anymore.

But i think you have a point there....
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Ditto Journey! Some people I really mind being here and I'm not yet ready for DS's friends to come over (that's a whole different matter though). I also feel very judged about my house when people come over, clean or messy, even though I know most people could care less.
ME Me!! I love having my one brother over...and occasionally my sister....but my other sibs I find annoying because they always show up at unannounced times and stay too long even though I always hint i'm busy. I don't like having anyone else house is small and I have an issue w/ not likeing people in m;y space. I HATE when my kids friends come over and because all our bedrooms are on the main floor feel like its okay to just come into bedrooms.....that really kills me.....get out of my freakin doorway...just becuase its open doesn't mean YOU can come in.....we're not that close!
anyhow....I do have a problem w/ my older kids friends....I don't like anyone in my sleeping space but my little ones.
weird, i know.
I love to invite people over then I panic, Kind of the "what did I do?!?" I love to "invite" but I really hate having people over! There are very few people I like to have over my house, I have 3 sisters and only one can come over and not feel like company. The other 2... one feels like every time she comes over she feels the need to give me decluttering advice, freely too and the other one takes out ALL of the kids toys and plays with the kids whick would be great except that she never puts them away!
The house looks like I had 6 kids here! I can't stand it! Just my input Thanks for listening! Erin
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My husband and I hate to entertain now. We used to have parties when we were younger, but have since retreated within ourselves and our little family. We have a lot of nice things and we love to have them on display, but I loathe having people in to see them for some reason. I don't want them to feel we're showoffs and I especially worry that their kids will break (or just touch) something. I have a difficult enough time telling myself that they are just "things" and that if my son breaks something it's not the end of the world, but I'd have a much harder time forgiving someone else.

I don't like the pressure of entertaining anyone. We don't socialize much anymore at all and get few invites probably because we just never return the favor and invite others over.
I don't mind if we are having a dinner party or something- but I DESPISE having overnight guests. I put so much pressure on myself:
"do we have the coffee they like?"
"is the guest room warm enough?"
"are the dogs going to bark in the middle of the night?"

I also don't like pop-ins. Mainly because I always have laundry that needs to be folded, dog hair that needs to be swept... I like some notice so I can prepare for people stopping by! Then there are the people who come over and never leave.... I practically have to come right out and say "you know, I am going to have to go to bed now so you need to leave".

grumble grumble.
Totally. Hate it. I never want anyone in my space-it's MINE
It's really private for some reason. I feel when people stop in.

My mother and father-I want at least a one hour heads up, same iwth siblings. Dh's family I want to know a day in advance. Anyone else-STAY OUT!
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I'm fine if it's family but any one else...NO WAY! I have things that I'm scared will get broken. I have a fear that some of my stuff will get stolen (it's happened several times). I also don't like anyone in my room other than my DS.

wow, i thought i was a freak for being like that. dh says i'm anti-social... no i'm not, i just don't like people in my face and in my space thankyou very much.

i have a bit of OCD when it comes to cleaning and i hate it when people go to the toilet, don't wash thier hands and touch my clean stuff. uh, hello? i don't want your butt germs on my kitchen bench, do you mind? ewwww. and i hate shoes in the house and everyone walks in with thier shoes with no regard as to whether we like it or not. our shoes are outside for a reason, can you not see the million freaking pairs of shoes outside just before you enter?????? do you think its just a coincidence that they are there???? ARGHHHHHH. i feel so annoyed when people just come unannounced aswell.

i love having my mum over, and i think that is it.
I also don't like people coming over. I consider my house my sanctuary and expect it to be as such. I don't mind company a little bit, in little doses sometimes...but not regularly and not for long periods of time.
I'm very much a homebody these days, so I am uncomfortable with people in my house because it happens so infrequently. The only people I spend time with regularly are my family. I'm pretty happy that way though.
Hmmm... interesting. I could care less who is in my house and where. I don't mind anyone being in my room or anything either. However, I found this thread interesting because it made me more conscious of other people. I have noticed that some people never let anyone in a certain areas of their houses. I always assumed they were messy, but maybe they just like privacy.
I'm just not very social and hate the feeling of having to entertain someone. there are very few people I invite into my home
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