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As the previous posters said, all of the time. Ds1 had horrid reflux, not as bad as your daughter sounds like, but still bad. He had the nonstop screaming, vomiting up everythign he ate, barely able to nurse, loosing weight and what the pedi called "urping" where it came up in his mouth and he swallowed it back down. He lost alot of weight and it is probably the primary reason he has so many feeding problems even now and he is so under size for his age. But people always said "oh all babies spit up some."
: I was doing laundry twice a day because all of his clothes were covered in vomit. It was nuts.

Now with his PDD NOS I know alot of people think he is just acting up. My SIL once told me I should just spank him and show him who is boss.
: I felt like saying "excuse me, but your kid has nothing wrong with him and is a total PITA so I don't think I will be taking advice from you on how to raise my special needs child." Some people just don't get it.
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