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Yes, I've been there too (food allergies/celiac--and I've seen the inside damage which was enough to make me not care too much people's opinions. Right now in addition to gluten/soy/dairy Andrew is off of all starches and grains; A severe refluxer as in stopped eating/failure to thrive/ spit up blood still on very high dose meds at nearly three years old as well; now pdd-nos/autism). My point I guess is some people do understand...but you are unlikely to meet them in your everyday life!
Strangers don't bug me as much as family who still don't get it. I don't do a lot of explaining, by the way. I do tell people Andrew has celiac disease and will get very sick if he gets certain foods and drinks--and I generally don't leave him without myself or my hubby. People seem to accept the celiac thing without thinking nutso mom with the allergies. And they don't know enough about it in general to know what a person with celiac can and can't eat--I don't explain about the rest much unless someone asks. At church in fact I take my boys out of the nursery during snack time and then when it is over I personally clean up as needed. I don't feel that strange, people have been nice, but who knows how I come across (don't so much care...)
I did wonder something about your daughter--have you ever had a swallow study done? I ask because if she is aspirating that would possibly explain some of what you are experiencing (including the breathing problems). It would be another thing, I know, but an important one. If she is there are things they can do (in terms of thickness of foods/liquids). My son aspirates or did anyway...
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