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or think you are overreacting? Anyone else run into this situation. My 10 month old daughter has alot of health problems. She has severe reflux, is allergic to pretty much everything and most likely has asthma. She has had reflux since birth and has been medicated since 2 months. Today we had a really bad episode and it scared me. She was trying to eat a banana and it all refluxed back up and then got stuck in her throat. She was gagging and choking and then swallowed it only to have it come back up again. She actually stopped breathing for about 10 seconds and it scared the crap out of me. She is allergic to all gluten, dairy, goats milk, soy, corn, tomatoes, strawberries, peanuts, beef, pork and many other things. It is near to impossible to find anything safe for her to eat. She also has breathing problems and has been on an inhaler for 2 months (we have to use an aerochamber over her face to do it and she HATES it!). They haven't said asthma yet. The initial diagnosis two months ago was bronchitis but it has never gone away. Well the cough did but the breathing problems didn't. Last night she was gasping for air in the middle of the night and I heard her over the monitor. It was scary. We gave her a breathing treatment and she went back to sleep. Just when she seems to be getting a bit better she gets worse again. Anyways pretty much everyone we know acts as if we must be exaggerating or overreacting. When I say reflux I hear 20 stories from moms, "Oh my baby had severe reflux too, he spat up all the time." Grrrr! That makes me so angry. No your baby did NOT have severe reflux. Did your baby on a regular basis reflux pure stomach acid back up and scream as it burned his throat? Did he silently regurgitate all day? Did he have episodes where he stopped breathing? No! Or the allergies, everyone says oh well how do you know she is allergic to those things. Naturopathic testing isn't true. Well considering before we took her off that stuff she developed welts all over her body when we tried to feed her I would assume they are probably telling the truth! And of course the possible asthma - they say I am overreacting and she is probably just fine. Really? Is it really just fine for a 10 month old baby to wake up at night gasping for air? To have a chronic cough? To whistle when she breathes from wheezing? No that's not normal. I am not looking for attention. I don't want sympathy. I just want people to acknowledge that our daughter DOES have problems and that we are not stupid for being worried or for having to carefully safeguard. She picked up a cheerio in the nursery at church and I grabbed it out of her hand and the other mother in there basically said I was ridiculous for taking it out of her hand, "What would one little cheerio hurt?" Well considering she is allergic to ALL gluten and it give her horrible diarrhea which leaves her with a red, raw diaper rash I think it would probably be best if I DIDN'T feed her that cheerio. Does anyone else deal with people acting as if your child's problems are just no big deal?
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