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I was also the crazy food allergy mom. My inlaws thought I went overboard until my ds started to have a severe allergic reaction at MIL's house and we couldn't figure out what it was to.

The pdd-nos isn't a problem with my family. Both of my SIL's are involved in the health care profession and my sil has been suggesting for almost 2 years that William has autism. We have a hard time with people in public and those issues though. Most people thought he was a brat for a long time. Once he hit 3 and his speech was substantially delayed a lot more people recognized that he had special needs. Now that his speech is improving it's not so easy to tell anymore. The was a guy at the store the other day that was looking at me crazy because I was encouraging and praising William the whole time we were there. I tried to explain to him that ds doesn't do well in those situations and that we encouraged him when he was doing well.

I think for the most part people just don't understand. I also think that to many parents when they do have a small issue with their child that it is a huge deal to them and they can't see past it sometimes.
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