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Pepto Bismo VS FCB wool

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Who will win???

DD went into bed. On the back of our headboard is a full bottle of Pepto. It must not have been sealed all the way. Katie dumped it on the bed, my blanket, her dress & her cream colored seasonal changes wool cover! WAAAAH!

I have been soaking & squeezing. It looks like it will come out. There is just a touch left.

The room stinks now, LOL!
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Oh no! Pepto Bismol can be some nasty stuff. I hope it come out all the way.
Oh NO!!! I'm so sorry Mama - I hope it all comes out. I'm afraid I would have totally freaked out if that happened to me!
It is coming out, thank heaven!
It took soaking all day, but it is out!!! WHEW!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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