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Perham Area Mamas??

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I have posted before looking for mom's in the area. I have actually moved closer to Perham and I am interested in meeting mom's in the area. Maybe even starting a Holistic Mom's Group? Anybody within decent driving distance? I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter.
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*Squeee!!!!* I'm so excited! I'm in Perham! We've lived here for a little over four years. How about you? My son Benjamin is 3.5 years, too. I also have a daughter, Alivia, who is 17 months. Yay! someone from MDC is in Perham!
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Our children have the same birthday! We just moved here in July from another "area" town
! I really have not met anyone. We live about 10 miles out of town. We have been going to the water babies class in town and have enjoyed that.
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Seriously?! The same birthday? that's just crazy. Was she born at St. Mary's hospital, too? lol.

Benji did Waterbabies when he was about 9 months old. He LOVED it. We actually spend a lot of time in the kiddy pool in town. It's our go to place for when the kids need to burn off some energy. Hubby and I take turns soaking in the hot tub while the other parent supervises the little ones. I didn't know they were doing waterbabies anymore. I would have signed my daughter up.

There used to be a monthly mommies group hosted at Calvary Lutheran church, but it is no longer. The woman who was basically in charge of it was going to move away but ended up staying. This thursday there is a get together for moms at Perham Community Church. Hubby and I did their website!

I know a lot of the ladies who will be at the get together on Thursday. It's not a GD group specifically. I'm the only GD-minded mom that I know of in town so far. In fact, over the summer at the park I saw a woman wearing an Ergo babycarrier and nursing her toddler in public. I was so thrilled to see someone else doing the things that I do that I walked right up to her and said, "I thought i was the only babywearing, toddler nursing mama in Perham!" Then she told me she was just here visiting her mother. Haha, oops. We still had a great day chatting with each other while our kids splashed in the lake.

Are you on facebook by any chance? If so, I'll PM you.
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I will PM you... Anyone else in the area??
I wish I was closer, I am about an hour south. But DH's brother and his family live in Perham so we occasionally make it up but not regularly.
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