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Period already?

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I am 7 weeks post partem and my bleeding had stopped completely, and I mean completely a couple weeks ago but today I started bleeding again. Could it be a period? So soon? I am breastfeeding my baby and I know that doesn't mean that for sure I won't get one but so soon? I didn't have any PMS at all, it isn't acting like a period so far so I dunno. Can post partem bleeding just still be coming and going or does this mean I am so unlucky and will have regular periods from now on despite my breastfeeding?

Thanks for any words of wisdom!
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I had one day last week of bleeding again, but it went away after I spent some time resting. Could yours be from over activity?
With ds1 I remember having it come back after a day of way to much exertion, and then no period until 13 months old.
I know sometimes 'getting it on' with your DP will bring about additional bleeding soon after birth. But I'm sure some other mamas can chime in with their experiences! I am seven weeks PP and am Bf-ing as well and no aunt Flo here. Also with DC1 it took me 8 months to get my period!
Hmm, could be one or both of those things, hard to tell though. It has been a day or more since I have either been with DH or worked tons. I did do both though this past weekend so could be yes...

It is possible. I'm one who gets af back really quickly, despite exclusivly bf'ing, cosleeping...all that.

I can't remember when it was exactly with #1 but it was soon. After #2 it was about 7wks PP and after #3 it was 6wks PP exactly. And af came regularly from that time on. *sigh*
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