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I'm so sorry for your little one. It sounds like eczema....any rashes on his face?

My 3 yo ds had a severe case of eczema when he was about 4 mos old and though it has slowly gotten less severe he still has bouts. He is actually allergic to avocados so that would not have worked for us. I am not using ANY detergent right now. Just a squirt of Dr Bronners and some GSE in dipes and regular clothing and it REALLY has helped.

I personally would not use steroids in the diaper area because that is one of the most "porous" areas of the body. Any medication you use there is extremely efficiently absorbed and we were told by my son's derm to avoid eczema meds in that area! I use a TON of aquaphor on my son's face and I used to use it in the diaper area but he doesn't get rashes there anymore.

I think the best thing you can do diet-wise if you are bf'ing is to take some supplemental EFAs (hemp oil, flax seed oil, etc)... EFA's can help the skin heal itself. soap in the bath, no wipe solution (just water or jojoba oil)!!!

I'm sure you'll get a LOT more good advice...hang in there eczema does tend to lessen as they get older.
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