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Pet food is healthier than fast food!

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It may seem a bit over the top, but a new study has found that the tins of cat and dog food you feed your favourite pet is not only good for their health but yours as well, for it contains less fat, salt and sugar levels than fast food.,00110002.htm

And way cheaper too!!

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I recall reading in "Fast Food Nation" that pet food is made with a higher quality meat then fast food is. I love being vegan.
heh our pet food better be.... it's expensive as heck ($30 for 8lbs) and it is exotic... duck and green pea. one of my cats has a food allergy to beef, pork, fish/seafood, corn, wheat... (I wonder if there's a "healing the gut" tribe for pets somehwere here)
That is crazy!!! And I just had a hamburger from a fast food joint. Now I feel all wrong.
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