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A few words about chinchillas, since you mentioned them. We have 4 at the moment. Chins don't have dander but they do shed, so depending on what he has trouble with, this might or might not be a problem. Chins are very sweet and cute and fairly quiet. They are fairly easy to maintain and don't smell (if they are taken care of properly) but they are fairly flighty creatures (think mixture between squirrel and rabbit, maybe?). They can litterbox train for urine fairly well, but they leave little droppings just about everywhere they go (think very large mouse droppings) they are easy to vacuum up and do not stink but still... it is what it is
They also chew. Not only can/do they chew wood but also plastic, cardboard, electrical wires, telephone cords etc. so if they are going to be loose in the house it can be hard to chin-proof very effectively. They can also jump several feet in the air. Hope this helps
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