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Peterborough AREA???

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I was just wondering if any mom's are from the Peterborough area?
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I'm not in Peterborough, but I'm only a short drive away in Oshawa, Ontario.
Hey nice to meet someone around here! What are your views on parenting IF you don't mind me asking? I did a homebirth with my second and I don't vaccinate and I breastfeed Emily until 10 months and try to ONLY breastfeed Lauren until 6 months. I also would like them to eat alot of organic food but it sucks that it costs so much. Well that is a little about me hope to hear from you soon!
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I don't mind at all.

Owen was a planned homebirth, but was born at the hospital because my midwife was with someone else in labour at the time. We got to the hospital just in time to push !

He is 13 months, and still nursing.

No vax's - though we will be getting tetnus before next summer - most of our families are on farms - with animals.

We share a family bed, and Owen spends a good deal more time in his sling than in a stroller.

I do not believe in spanking.

Me - I'm a SAHM who is trying to bring in a few dollars by making and selling slings, doll slings and mama cloth pads.
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Hello! I'm Rebecca in barrie. I have two boys, 3.5 and 9 mos.

OT- Lizabear do you have a website or anything for your mama cloth? I'd love to know more, prices etc. I want to be prepared for the return of af!
I'm Terri and I live in Trenton. My dd is Leah and she is 6 months old. Nice to meet you!!!
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