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I was hoping some of my fellow Canadian moms could help me out by signing my petition to get midwifery funded in Alberta
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Just wanted to thank those who have signed my petition! I need lots more signatures before I can send it to the gov't, though.
shameless bump
I think it is a wonderful thing you are trying to do! Hats off to you and your cause. It would be one large step for mothers and their rights!
I'm going to get all my friends to sign it!

Thank you!!!!
Thank you!
I have no idea, the more the better, though. I was hoping to get at least 200. I wish I knew a good way to get more publicity for it. Maybe I should contact the newspapers. I was hoping to have more signatures before I did that, though, so there's more of a chance they'd do something with the story.
still looking for more signatures
Have signed it and forwarded to friends!
SIgned it and passed it on!
Best of luck
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Did you send it in yet??? I am # 607. Good luck with it. I am not in Alberta anymore, but if Alberta aproves it, maybe one day Saskatchewa will. I am kinda bumbed that are no Midwifes in this area. I think the nurse who actually dilivered my youngest (Dr didn't make it on time
) could be one.... Oh well...

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Holy mackerel! The last time I checked, like a week ago, is was under 500. I'm just in shock at how fast it went up! Guess I need to dig out the address to send it to now.
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