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PF Co-op's

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I've seen mention of these a lot recently but I can't seem to find any. I really need 2 dozen (could even go for 3 dozen) premium PF for when bambino is out of the infants. I have some time as the little one is not here yet (just a little longer), but I am just curious where I find a co-op that would allow me to purchase some PF at a discounted price.
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Have you checked the co-op page?

Normally if you do not see one, you can suggest one or look for someone to host one if you cannot do it.
Where is the co-op page under the trading post? Because I am still not at 50
so I can't get on there. Hopefully soon though
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You could try searching Yahoo Groups for "prefold", lots of co-ops are Yahoo groups.
Good hint! I am new to co-ops so this is a learning thing for me right now and we live in a remote area so these would be a HUGE help as prices are very high for most things and I buy 99% of my stuff online.
Lovinbundles on YahooGroups is listed as open until the end of March.

Premiums are $14.20 per dozen.
$1 co-op fee
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