I keep forgetting that my laptop-the MacBook Pro I got just last March, the one which abruptly stopped being able to recognize its own hard drive two weeks ago-is not here. I keep thinking-usually late at night or early in the morning-that I'll work on a layout or blog post or will email somebody or download photos,* only to reach for the laptop, and . . .

I had not realized how much a part of my daily life that laptop normally is-my portal to the outside world. So I'm feeling alternately crippled (delegated to the world of IRL) and tied to the office (i.e. The kinds of things I normally am able to do when unable to sleep have to wait until I'm able to walk or run or drive to the office.).

I'm trying to be patient. The laptop is in Apple Fixit Land and is due to be back sometime this week. We hope.


*Both my camera-download cable and the card reader I bought to replace it have also stopped working, too,** so I've been using the laptop's built-in card reader to download photos. Until now, at which point I find myself using the iPhone camera more than I used to.

**You could say I tend to, um, "push equipment to the max."


iPhone photo of the outside of the Pantry Restaurant in Santa Fe. Taken on one of my sunrise scenic-route runs to work last week to do some early-morning layout.


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