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So, my almost 5 yo dd has had severe bilateral conjunctivitis, fever, sore throat, runny nose, and coughing since Sunday. We went to the doctor today. At first, she said she thought it was pharyngoconjunctival fever caused by an adenovirus. However, after she listened to dd's chest and found it to be severely congested she said she was changing her diagnosis to mycoplasma. Then she prescribed Zithromax and anti-bacterial eyedrops. She did no other tests.

From my research online, I have read that adenoviruses can cause all of these symptoms. Also, I have not found any information saying that a mycoplasma infection causes conjunctivitis. I don't want to give dd antibiotics unless they are necessary. Does anyone have experience with either of these infections to offer some advice? Thanks in advance for any help.

ETA: I finally found some cases online in which conjunctivitis occurred with a Mycoplasma infection. Most of the examples I found were in farm animals, but I finally found some human cases. Anyway, I think I will go ahead and give her the antibiotics, just in case. She is quite miserable.
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