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My ds is 2.8 year-old and my question on how to teach physical boundaries really is in 2 parts.<br><br>
The first is having to do with me. The constant pulling, tugging, standing on my feet. I realize this is normal but it drives me crazy and short of locking him in a room I don't know how to get him to stop. I tell him no, I tell him I won't follow him somewhere (if I dont' want to or am busy doing something), I try to redirect him. This is probably pretty typical behavior, but how do you stop it and get him to respect that mom has physical boundaries that need to be respected?<br><br>
The second part has to do with other kids. This doesn't come up all the time but sometimes he will really try to get another child to play with him, play chase or whatever and will pull on the child and keep saying "come on, come on" thinking that if he does it enough that they will give in. The other child is obviously uncomfortable with this and can get upset if I don't make it over to take him away soon enough. He's never aggressive. He's a really social and playful kid and I think he assumes that all other kids must be the same way, but he's actually much more extroverted, social and playful than most. In these situations I tell him "so and so doesn't feel like playing. You need to leave them alone, give them space, etc. You can ask them to play but if they don't want to, they don't have to".<br>
Either he doesn't understand these concepts or he's willfully disregarding me (a real possibility).<br><br>
How do I get through?
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