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Hi everyone! Hope your Easter was as chocolate stuffed as mine...I've been fixing a part of my site to make it easier for me to update! Still have photos to go in, but here are the stories:

Pop over to visit "Adventures in Part Time Pottying"

Discover great new tips on how to do Baby Pottying by learning from the stories of families practicing EC part time, full time or casually.

From one baby to eight children, people are incorporating some EC into their days to reduce waste, save money and reduce washing!

From New Zealand to Australia, to The United States to Norway, families all around the world are enjoying the thrills of helping their baby to go in a baby potty or in-arms over a bowl or the toilet.

They work, they care for their children at home, they are just like you!

Find a story that is like yours or discover a new tip that you can use with your baby in your nappy or diaper free journey today at the "Adventures in Part Time Pottying"

P.S I'd love to add your story! Contact me through my site or leave a reply here or by PM and I'll send you 10 suggested questions to answer, or you can simply tell your own story in your own way.
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