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Pictures from the Diaper Fairy...

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Sorry to those who are sick of her but I just want to show my appreciation and also just how cute my boy is in his new hand dyed shirts from the fairy!

Maxi got orange, lime green and beautiful blue shirts in the fluffy mail yesterday!

Here he is:

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His belly is SOOOOOOO priceless! I love baby bellies!

He's got such a cute smile too!!

I am in love with your son... and you know.... Libby was born 12/13/02, so they're pretty close in age....
is in the air??

Course, if he's into younger women, Katie is due soonish...

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He's so darn adorable! What a happy looking babe! Nice shirt too. Go diaper fairy
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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
His belly is SOOOOOOO priceless! I love baby bellies!
I was thinking the same thing! I just love his belly!!
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