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Pictures of my garden

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New pictures of my garden in my signature line. The last one doesn't show up too well. Lots of grass to get out of the garden. My peas are up to my waist now and have pods...yay!
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Oh, just lovely!
I remember seeing the March pic before, it's always so cool to see your garden develop, isn't it?
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That's really cool to be able to see the progression like that!
Ooooooh! I love your garden! It looks like it is coming along!! very cool! thanks for sharing!
Your garden looks awesome! It's really impressive; I can't believe how tall your tomatoes are already. I am so garden is being overtaken by weeds!
its beautiful! what a sacred space
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At this point my garden is full of grass too. We have to get out there and weed it sometime soon, when I am feeling up to weeding all day. Otherwise, the peas are flowering and up to my hip, the beans are about a foot tall, and the radishes are huge...the ones we haven't eaten anyway.
Very beautiful garden.

Do you mind if I ask a couple questions? We are moving and starting a garden this summer....I love the look of our garden, do you mind sharing what all you did and why? (IF it's not too nosey of me to ask....) I love the ribbons....I'm just really excited to have a beautiful kid-friendly garden soon...and would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks, and happy gardening
Great garden! We have a flower box full of herbs! Can't wait until we move, & can start my first "Real" garden. When that happens I'll have lots of questions!
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