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Pictures of our bellies!!!!

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Hey all you proud glowing pregnant mommies!!!! I thought it would be a good idea if we could all take pictures of our bellies and post them here every month!!! Don't know if there is already a thread about this but if not then lets do it here!!!! I am currently only 7 weeks pregnant (EDD November 17) and here is my belly so far!!!
(just wait i gotta find the link...i will post it right away)
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DH takes a belly pic of me each Sunday (we have since week 4 and I'm now in week 8) - but I just don't know if I'm comfy posting pics until I'm a little more obviously pregnant and a little less, "Is she putting on more weight?"

But down the road - I'm game
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I need to post one in the maternity dress I bought this weekend... I definitely look pregnant! The only problem is that *I* know it's not baby up there!!!
I figured we could all do a before picture and look at them and see how much the belly changes over time!!!

Here's mine!!!!!!!!!!...........................
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I don't have a digital camera otherwise i would love to share belly pics with everyone. i am already showing.
I might have to try and convince DW to buy one. hmmm any begging suggestions are welcome LOL
I will get the cam set up and take a 'before pic' also...
Just be patient with me! I'm not so good at this video cam/computer thing!
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I'm game! I'm already showing a belly, because, well, I'm just a little pleasingly plump! I'll have to get DH to take a pic and I'll post it another time.

Originally Posted by Kerriemoe
I'm game! I'm already showing a belly, because, well, I'm just a little pleasingly plump! I'll have to get DH to take a pic and I'll post it another time.
Okay, then I will send mine too. We are due November 10th or so. I am also pleasingly plump and already have two babies, so I am not sure what is baby tummy and what is just me
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Connorsmom; did I read your signature right? You and your partner will both be having babies within a month of each other? And one of you is having twins? Wow! That's awesome! Going from 2 to 5 quickly, huh?
I'll work on getting one. There's not much to see except leftover skin from my last baby.
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i have my first appt today at the doctor and I am showing...

I feel better having seen these pics, because I thought maybe I was the only one with a belly...LOL

what a great idea. as soon as i locate my camera i'm in.
Here's my belly...front and side...
Gee...I bet you're all JEALOUS of my wrinkly skin from my last pg huh? I know that by the end of this thread when we are all huge my belly will look like a bloodshot eye after a long night of drinking...hmmm...great idea for Halloween!
oh...and lucky you...the pics have my weight and inches of my waist! Oh lucky day!
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Bobbi, your belly is adorable!! I don't see the sag you speak of. I have a REAL saggy belly and a bunch of stretch marks too (I love them though because to me they represent my womanhood/motherhood)!
I need to get my digital camera to work and then figure out how to post pics (if those ever happen then I'll post some).
Awwww..thank you!

I do like that my stretchmarks represent the fact that I carried a sweet sweet child in my belly!
I tell my dd that the wrinkles on my face (around my eyes) are because her daddy made me laugh too much!
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Love to see all those beautiful bellies!!! My picture was very small so here is a better one....hopefully a little bigger this time!!! (just a second my sister is working on it to get bigger) Happy pregnancies to all!!!
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Saskmom's sister here
Hi all!!

April's Belly

Madison - Age 6 now (in the pic she was 5)

Connor - 3 years old (in the pic he was 2)

April the kids

April and SO

April's nephew - my son

I'm posting all these because originally she had made a page on Ringo with pics of the kids but it didn't work because y'all would have had to register and sign in so I put all these links from my personal website photo album so you could see everyone.


I'm loving the cute belly pics!!
April and I were going to try and get pregnant at the same time but I'm not quite ready for my second one yet lol

Congratulations to all!!
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Good Pics April!!
I can't wait to continue to watch this post as we all get huge!
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