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Link to pictures at the end: Everything is in great condition. No stains rips or anything

~~Steve Madden black leather jacket. Cropped style. Says med. but fits very petite. I wore this when I was 120lbs. and had only a b cup. Now I fear it will be too small forever..........I LOVE this jacket, it is such a hot number! It is all leather with a thin quilty liner.Smells so good and leathery. Mint condition. I am figuring the shipping will be a bit high on this, and I am taking a cut on what I bought it for(paid around $350.00) big time...$100.00ppd.

~~Medium LL Bean Fair Isle sweater. 100% cotton. $15.00ppd

~~Medium J.Crew brown v-neck sweater. Cropped. Very petite. Fits like a small I think. 67%mohair/30%nylon/3%merino wool $20ppd.

~~Medium J.Crew v-neck cropped sweater. Again, tag says med. but I feel they are like smalls. Meant to be fitting- I suppose this is why I feel they are more like smalls(because my bust just busts out of them! LOL)$20ppd

~~100% wool sweater. Paid $70.00 for this new. It smells like ds's wool diaper covers!! LOL when they are clean of course! This sweater is NOT meant to be worn around the house(unless your house is really cold in the winter) I always wore it on cold winter days when I didn't want to put on a coat. It kept me warm and wasn't too bulky for the car. $45ppd(I am thinking it will be alot to ship this, just so you know that is in the price built in)

~~J.Crew flannel lined jeans. Size 28/30. 100% cotton. These are SO the best. And if you fit into this size, I am jealous!! $25ppd

~~Strip skirt. This is a beautiful skirt, it is just too big on me. It was made by a mama here, and I truly wish it looked right on me. I feel it is a large-x-lg. Expert serged and finished edges. $15ppd

I would like paypal for this stuff. But if I don't get any offers with paypal, I will consider money orders.
Pm me with any questions you may have.
Thanx! here is the link
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