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Anyone take naked pictures of themselves? If so, what do you do with them? I LOVE the way I look right now but wouldn't know where to keep naked pictures of myself!! Suppose I could make a private album, but someone would find it someday, I'm sure.

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It's awesome that you love the way you look!

I would go ahead and do the pictures... Keep them somewhere private, like an underwear drawer or something. And if someone ends up seeing them, who cares? Being naked is a wonderful thing! It might be different if they were pornographic or something, but they won't be... They will be art. And I think that when you're older you'll regret not having it done...
Oh, thank you for reminding me! I took a bunch one day last pregnancy, like a week before he was born. I had forgotten to do it this time.

Have fun, lol!
It's great that you want to have them, and by all means I'd take some! Personally, anyone coming near me with a camera these days is subject to my wrath.
I can tolerate dressed pics, but naked isn't happening. Even in my pajammas had me chasing my husband down until I could hit the delete button on the camera.
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Take them!! You'll never look like this again

An old neighbor of mine hired a photographer to take some, uh, provocative pictures of her so she could surprise her husband when he was in Iraq. She showed them to me once, they were very artfully done, although they were definitely risque! She kept them in her "private box" under their bed.
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Oh, I think this is all about your personal comfort level. A family I house sit for has a wall of photos... family gatherings, kids in the snow, etc. And four gorgeous naked preggo pictures of mom. Not provocative sexy, but certainly not shy. They're there for everyone to see and in my opinion, absolutely gorgeous. I say Take pictures! Put them up on your wall! Keep them in your bedroom if you want more privacy, but certainly show off your beautiful naked preggoness!!
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