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Pierced Nipples and Breastfeeding?

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One of my close friends is thinking about getting her nipples pierced, but is planning to breastfeed someday(though she's not pregnant or planning on it in the immediate future). She's been trying to research how pierced nipples affect breastfeeding, with no luck, and asked me if I knew. I have no idea, but am hoping you all might. Anyone know? Thanks so much!!
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Check out the piercing info on kellymom (

Basically, nipple piercing shouldn't impact breastfeeding. Several of my friends have nipple piercings and while several of them removed their piercings for breastfeeding not all of them did...but none of them have had any problems. One did have her doc tell her that she might be more prone to thrush or infection, but that was it.

Piercing can cause scarring though (and more scarring if there is an infection) so that can be a concern...if your friend is prone to scarring she may want to reconsider. Oh, and there may be some wild spraying at of my friends sprays almost straight up when her dc pulls off since the piercing hole kind of smooshes the flow of milk to one side!
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I used to have my nipples pierced. I removed them years before I breastfed and have had no problems.
I took mine out about a year and a half ago. I have no problems breastfeeding. Although, my milk does drizzle out both of the holes on each side, which is more funny that anything.
I removed my jewelry the day before dd was born, and have had zero problems--no milk leaking out of the holes or anything. I researched thoroughly before getting them pierced (7.5 years ago); since being a mama was my longest-held dream/goal, I didn't want to do anything that might negatively impact birthing or breastfeeding.

It IS recommended that mamas take their rings/barbells out for nursing, as the jewelry can damage baby's palate (and, occasionally, pose a choking hazard). Some mamas I talked to removed their jewelry for each feed and then put them back in afterwards; other mamas (like myself) chose to take 'em out and leave 'em out. (I figure I can always get them re-pierced later, if they close up.)
I can't imagine the pain of getting my nipples pierced being worth the way it looks!

But I have no experience, so I can't give any advice. Just so curious as to why women would do this!
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Ok, I feel like I have to reply again because I LOVED LOVED LOVED getting my nipps pierced! First of all I want to say that I was dealthy afraid of needles. I hate pain, I'm a wussy. But anyway, getting my nips pierced. Why? I really don't have a great answer except for I woke up one day and said "I want nipple rings". So I went downtown, and got them done. Did it hurt? Here's the thing. Immediatly after the needle went in, I was overwhelmed with a warm fuzzy feeling. I didn't feel pain at all, I felt almost a pleasuring feeling. I guess this is normal with getting erogenous zones pierced. I had always had extremely sensitive nipples, to the point where I didn't want them touched, licked, fondled, or even poked! It tickeled very bad. But after I got them pierced, I LOVED having them played with. LOL I'm blushing right now!
But anyways, that's why I had them. And I do miss having them, I'm sure the holes are closed by now anyway. But for what it was worth, it was worth it. Definitely.
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I Have seen moms unable to bf because of pierced nipples. The needle can sever the duct at the opening, and while they may produce milk, none can escape.
i pierced mine about 6 years ago and kept them for 4, but the wholes never closed. I have been EBF for almost 6 months now, and the only "problem" i have had is the milk squirting out in all different directions, but that was it. Like someone else said, if the piercing is done properly it should not affect Bf.
What i cant believe is that someone commented it didnt hurt?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
I passed out, came to and then had the second one done, then passed out again
i had 26 hours of back labor but never experienced the same pain as getting my nipples pierced
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I had one done. I loved it, LOVED it.

I too, thought it was not painful. It kinda felt good, and I'm not a masochist person. I really enjoyed having it, too. I took it out several years ago, had milk run almost constantly from the outside hole that didn't close up and now, with less vehement milk production, I have occasional leakage. Not enough to wet my shirt or anything...I just see a small drip sometimes when I'm topless.

I know that it can definitely affect the ducts, but it's not common.
mine were pierced for 10 years---took them out during pregnancy and have been breastfeeding successfully for 7 weeks now!
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