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At what age do you think it's safe to let a baby/toddler sleep with a pillow? DD is 10 months old, and she really wants a pillow. When I put her down in bed at night, she crawls up and lays her head on my pillow, and falls asleep easily like that. I have been sliding her down away from the pillow once she's soundly asleep, but then when she wakes up during the night she wants to do it again, and I get tired waiting for her to fall asleep so that I can move her again. I'm wondering when I can just give her her own pillow and be done with it? Do you think 10 months is too young?

BTW-- remember that post a few days ago about my DD sleeping in her crib? NOT! That lasted about 5 days, and then I guess the novelty wore off and she's back in bed with me. Frankly, I'm glad. I missed her
and I worried about her so much that I had trouble sleeping myself. So I'm
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