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Pink CM?

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Yesterday, on CD 11, I had a lot of clear, stretchy CM that was Pink. I haven't seen this in three years of charting (and we're not trying yet, btw)... any thoughts? Maybe just some spotting since it's a little early for me? I do not normally have any break through bleeding (once in 3 years). I usually see this cm (clear or yellowish) around cd 14 or 15.

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I would definitely suspect a minute amount of blood - did you have sex (or do a rougher-than-usual cervical check) before you got it? Or a vaginal exam/pap smear? Any chance it could be ovulation spotting?

Unless it becomes more copious, I would just chalk it up to "one of those things" that happens sometimes 'cause our bodies are so wonderfully funky.
Nothing happened that would explain the bleeding - maybe you're right and it's just o stuff. Thanks for the reassurance!
I had ovulation spotting similar to what you are describing a few months back. I had never had it happen before then.
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