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I have had some of the same thoughts, but really, it's just too early to start putting yourself though that. Don't borrow trouble. You CAN'T KNOW, at this stage, where he will be as a young adult. THere are far too many variables between here and there.

You know what my neurologist told me? He said that he didn't know the cure for autism. He didn't even know what treatment to recommend. But he DID KNOW that the kids who improved were the ones with parents who tried SOMETHING, ANYTHING. It's the parents who kept working on recovery that got the recovery.

I met a lady the other night whose younger brother is autistic. He's 22, and his parents did VERY LITTLE in the way of recovery. Nothing beyond the school system and speech therapy. The young man is in college learing to become a pilot. A PILOT!

Did you see this weeks NEWSWEEK? It's about when kids with autism grow up. Haven't read it yet, but plan on picking it up today.
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