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Hi there...

I can totally relate to where you are right now. I have been thinking the same thing lately. I think sometimes that the reason why Ive been taking all of this as well as I have is because I'm still firmly in the land of denial as to how life changing all of this will realy be and how severely he may be affected. My husband and I both have been. In fact yesterday I was asking him when we are going to tell his family and he stated that we can talk to his parents but no one else because he doesnt want them to look at our son any differently and "besides, I believe that we will move, get him the services he needs and he will be just like the other kids someday." Then it hit me...he has NO idea, and then it hit me that I really dont either. Its possible that he will be pretty close to all the other kids, and its possible that he will be high functioning, but its possible that he wont too. And we are obviously not prepared for that. Maybe no one is. I think it might just be something that you settle into over the years, or maybe it can hit you all at once some day. I dont know. I just have to believe that anything can happen and we just have to keep plugging away at it.

How are you feeling? I'm sure youre looking as beautiful as ever. Call me or write me anytime.

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