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Pittsburgh for Cheapskates?

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Most of Pittsburghs activities are just too expensive for us, and RADical Days aren't until Fall.

Does anyone know where I could find out free days for museums and the zoo that might be in the spring/summer? I've googled it and couldn't find anything, and couldn't find anything on the zoo's website, either.

I have a friend who I'd like to invite to visit, if we can find a free day (or deep discount) for the zoo or Children's Museum.
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I'm interested, too. I know the children's museum recently had a free day for children over eight, to encourage older children to visit. But I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't seen the sign last time we were there. I'm newer to Pgh and out of the loop when it comes to free days!

We got a children's museum membership for Christmas--I like to ask for one membership a year from family members. We buy the zoo one ourselves, and find it worth the cost.

Do you know anyone who's a member of the Carnegie museums? If they have the top level membership, they can bring a family with them. That doesn't help for you bringing a family, though.
I am very interested in this fact, I was just looking for a cheap or free thing. Thanks for telling me that Rad is in the Fall because I could not you know the dates?
Oh and duh...just South Park there are free Friday night concerts at 8 pm.
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