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Placenta too close to cervix?

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So today my m/w told me my u/s showed that my placenta is very close to my cervix and I will have to get another u/s in the 3rd trimester to make sure it has moved.
Anyone else have this? I know it's common for the placenta to grow up and away later in pregnancy- anyone have the stats on this or a story to share?

Thank you!
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my placenta was low lying at the 18-22 week scan. In 90% of cases, it moves up away from the cervix.
I also had a very low-lying placenta at 24wks (my first u/s with my 3rd child). I went again at 33wks and it was then safely away from the cervical os. Its not that your uterus 'moves' but that your uterus stretches and brings the placenta up with it away from the cervix.
I got this same news today. It's moved down since my last scan. I'm wondering the same thing.
Well, it's reassuring that 90% "move."

HarperCait: I don't know what that means, did they say there's still a chance of it moving away?

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I got this same news today. It's moved down since my last scan. I'm wondering the same thing.
you're not due till late september. there's plenty of time for growth away from the cervix.
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As the uterus expands during pregnancy, the attached placenta moves along with it. Generally it stretches upward away from the cervix. The odds of it moving are very good, but a third trimester u/s to check its position is a good idea.
My friend had this and it did in fact move up and away from her cervix. It's actually quite common and most move.
Chances are good it'll move away.
I've had one close to the cervix and then move away.
I've also had a pregnancy where it was fine the whole time, until I got close to delivery. It turned into partial previa. SO my point is it can do a lot of moving around.
yeah my mom had a "partial previa" that resolved itself before the end of the pregnancy. My understanding is that usually they do. I am sure it feels stressful to hear that though.
I had this same problem in my 14 week scan. They said it was as close at it could be to the opening without actually touching. My MWs didn't say anything about a possible rescan until just recently (I knew it was a possibility it just didn't come up for discussion), I think I was 30 weeks at the time. The overseeing MD said it was my decision for a rescan as long as I hadn't had any symptoms of a low lying placenta, ie bleeding. I have had none at all the whole pregnancy so I opted not to have another ultrasound. Perhaps you'll get the same view and not have to have one unless YOU want one. I feel that if it were truly a problem I would have symptoms of it being such. My MWs are fine with my decision. I'm quite sure it's moved away.
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