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i dont know if this is where this should be sorry if this isnt the right place.. can you dry and encapulate a 3 month old frozen placenta? ppd has hit and i have put it off and put it off as a result.. i need to do something....
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I just did! My DS's placenta had been in the freezer for 16 months and I just gave birth and am currently taking the capsules that were made the day before my last birth. They are definately working. I was getting a hormonal rush after taking them the first couple time. I've gotten used to it now but it was interesting to feel the mood boosting effects immediatel! I didnt think I would notice it so much. I am also taking borage and fish oil.

Good luck
Biiiiiig hug to you mama.
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I know a few people who did that.
Good luck, I hope it helps you!
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Yes! Thaw it, clean and rinse it, dry it, encapsulate it.

Definitely will help the PPD!
You absolutely can!
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