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Plain Clothes to Embroider On?

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I'm looking for plain clothes that I can machine embroider on. Like plain teeshirts (2T), plain baby sleepers, (I have onesies), plain mens polo shirts,etc...

I know I could look at local stores like Target, but I'm looking for places online. Where can I get these?

1 - 7 of 7 Posts sells blanks in all sizes. they are all white, afaik, but that would be easy enough to remedy with some fabric dye.

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Stupid question - where do you buy fabric dye, and how exactly do ya do that? I'm just lately getting crafty and have no idea what I'm doing half the time. LOL

Thanks for the link - going to check it out now!
Just curious but what embroidery machine do you have? I have the HV D2.
you can actually buy the fabric dye right on that site... if you look at dye pages, I'm pretty sure there are directions on how to dye fabric in your washing machine or sink. Or, you could go to Target or the grocery store and buy RIT dye, which you just dump into the washer with the clothes and call it done.
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Great - Thanks for the advice!
I'll definately check out the dyes - sounds like fun too!

I have a Brother PE 180D machine. DH bought it for me for Christmas, and then for Mothers Day he bought me all the supplies for it (I didn't much feel like crafting while pregnant), so I'm just now getting the urge to embroider everything - LOL.

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