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I like the way Sonlight's planner look, but we don't use Sonlight. So, I made my own in a spreadsheet. That way if I plan I can plug stuff in under the appropriate subject. If not I can plug stuff in while we are going about our week. If it's just for one child I put their intial next to it. Like under readers...Magic School Bus (G).

When I'm bored I go back and type it up. It get's three whole punched and put in my mommy book.

My Mommy book is a binder with and index. You can buy the index with 30 tabs at Office supply stores. I write in the front with a pencil what I put under each number.

I guess when it starts to get full then I'll back a binder just to put the "old" planner sheets in. You know..just in case =) It works really well for me because I'm not a naturally organized person and tend to stick to lists that always get lost. I just keep the page out during the day on our living room coffee table. In our house that's where most of the "learning" takes place.
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