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Well, I have been scouring the internet for what to take for our very quick trip Aug 5/6. DS (18mo) and i are leaving DIA at 8am on the 5th, flying to San Diego, having lunch w/my aunt and uncle, then driving to an early evening Wedding in Santa Ana (2hr drive). Going back to stay w/my aunt and uncle, flying home late Sunday afternoon, will be landing in denver at 9:30pm, driving home


We'll do the cloth diapers for the whole shebang. I think 18 will do us. He normally goes thru 8 per day, and we won't even be gone 36hrs. I'll plan to whisk him from bed into the car at 4:30am on Saturday morning, and change him from pj's into the clothes for the day and a new dipe when we get to DIA. Then one diaper change before the plane. One on the layover, and one upon landing. So 3 dipes in the carryon should be fine. I'll probably see if I can find some disposable wipes, i think i still have some in the closet, don't remember. I think cloth wipes might be a PITA.

In Carryon:
3 diapers, wet bag, wipes
Change of clothes for me and for him
Spare bib, snacks and drinks
Camera. Batteries. prescriptions. Contact solution/case. his favorite blanket.
Play doh, coloring book and crayons, new small toys. (Half in the carryon, half in the checked bag.)

In Checked bag
Wedding outfits for both of us.
15 diapers, diaper wet bag
change of clothes for both of us
diaper bag packpack, collapsed (if i don't use the ergo pack for my carryon. I don't actually think its big enough, unfortunately)

I also will be checking the car seat, he's riding on my lap.

my plan is to strap dominic to my back w/the ergo. have the checked bag over my shoulder, the carryon and car seat will roll. I will have my wallet in the ergo belt bag (love that), tickets and info and keys will get stashed in the carryon.

Questions -
Should i make the carryon the one with the strap - its smaller - or will i be glad to not have something over my shoulder while dominic's in the ergo?
How much food should i bring - how much should i count on being able to get on our layover in the Vegas airport?

Is there anything that is glaringly missing?

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It sounds like you are a great planner!

You will have to take ds out of the Ergo and put it through the scanner when you go through security. I use a pouch when I travel because it is super quick to get it off and back on without causing a back up. Also you may have to take off your shoes when you go through security as well so wear something that will be easy to slip off and back on.

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It does sound like you have things planned well. As for bringing crayons and play doh, I know my 18 month old would probably like to drop/throw that stuff and then you're stuck trying to pick it up while sitting in a tiny seat with a child in your lap. We bring those doodle pads with the pen thing attached, books, dolls, etc. Bring plenty of food because if you're flight is late, you won't have much of a layover at all.

Oh, like the pp said, you will have to take him out of the carrier to go through the security check, so make sure you can easily get him out and then back in. In my experience people are notoriously unhelpful to people with young children in airports. Oh, and when boarding, either be among the first to board or wait until the final call because it's awful to wait in the aisles while people are putting their carryons in the overhead bins forever. We usually wait until final call to minimize the amount of time they have to sit in the airplane.
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