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I'm just starting to homeschool (Kindergarten) wondering if any of you use a certain type of planner or organizer to keep track of what your children are doing? Thanks!
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I use a teacher's plan book. Then I also journal what we do each day in a notebook.
To have dd promoted to the next grade I have a certified teacher review our work. So I try to keep a journal or log of what we do each day. The I have an accordian folder that I have a folder for each month (we do school stuff all year round). Then I just put any worksheets or school related stuff in that months folder. Some months are real full, others not so. The same with our journal. Sometimes I skip a day or two (only because I'm *lousy* at record keeping, lol). But when I present the teacher with our material, it gives her a good idea of what we do.

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"How To Homeschool" even though i have been unschooling/hsing for a few years now. They have some forms in it that are really helpful as far as checklists and such.

I am a MDC poster on another board and just wondered here. I have 4 children ages 13(boy), 9(girl), 7(girl), almost 5(boy).
We are very eclectic in our schooling. The older 3 do math with SOS and it works well. They sometimes do 1 lesson a day sometimes 3. I leave that up to them. They enjoy that. We also choose as a family to start with some unit studies so we are starting A World Of Adventure Monday and studying Ancient Egypt first. My yopungest does his phonics reading with headsprout online and he loves that. For his math we wing it and teach real life math.
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