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I had that problem during both of my pregnancies.
I had a C-section with my first (PIH/Pre-e, failed induction, fetal distress, c-section) but went on to have a successful VBAC.
I did go see a cranial sacral massage therapist, and he said for some reason, my body just produces more relaxin than normal. Afterwards, the pain was considerably less and as I said, I just had a VBAC.
You can try a chiro or try to find a cranial sacral massage therapist to help. I only went once at 35-36 weeks and had my baby at 40 weeks.

Are you eating plenty of protein, and drinking plenty of water? Eating 80+ grams of protein and drinking 2 quarts of water a day, really helped my blood pressure. On days where I was slacking on both, were days I'd have high blood pressure.

Also, I was told that sex can cause trace proteins in urine, and both times during this pregnancy where I had trace amount of protein were the days where we had sex the night before.

(hugs) I know you will have a great VBAC! Try to keep a positive attitude!
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