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Hi everyone.
I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and hoping to have a vbac my last birth was a c section for breech baby 4 years ago. I live in the uk and the hospital I go to are really supportive of vbac's they have a vbac clinic for people hoping to have a natural birth after previous caesarean. I had my appointment last week and the whole time I was there they were really positive. She told me my chances of having a successful vbac are very high as I have had a vaginal birth before with my first child. So I was really happy as the thought of having to have a c section again scares me to death. But now im not so sure if I will end up getting the birth I want as I had to go to the hospital yesterday with really bad pains that seemed like they were on my scar they were so painful. When I got there I was told I had spd (symphis pubis dysfunction) and ive read loads about it and it makes it more difficult to have a vaginal birth as you can't open your legs very wide. I'm really hoping this isn't what I have as I could end up in a wheelchair or on crutches in severe pain. I thought I was getting round ligament pain but the pains last at least 10-15 minutes and are really really painful. Is anyone else suffering with this? I really want to have a normal birth and it looks like what was going to be a very high chance of success is know being taking away from me and im really upset by this. If anyone has any information on spd or round ligament pain or anyone is experiencing what I am please post and let me know. One last thing my blood pressure is quite high too 141/86 so I am praying it wont get any higher but im not to hopeful I even had a trace of protein in my urine 3 days ago

Any comments greatly appreciated.
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