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Plantar wart on my poor baby's foot

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My 22 month old has a nasty plantar wart on his heel. It is very inflamed and red and getting worse. We did do the cryo, he didn't even flinch, neither the doc nor I could believe it wasn't bothering him? Anyway, that hasn't done anything and it's getting to the point he doesn't want to walk on it and whines all the time.

What are some other options? Is it possible for them to get infected? I had one when I was 18, had it removed with a laser and it was probably the worst pain in my life (and I have had 5 kids and several fillings with no novacaine!!!).

I heard about duct tape, that sounds great, but he won't leave anything on it, so whatever treatment I find has to be something I can do at night when he is sleeping.

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I posted in another thread about this. You can put the white juice that you see on the broken end of a pick dandelion on the wart. You need to do it at least twice a day, the more times a day the better. It will discolor the area a little but otherwise is harmless to anything other then the wart. Depending on how bad the wart is it could take a week or two but if you keep up with it it will go away.

Poor baby.
We did the cryo for my ds and he just said it tickled. We had issues with keeping the tape on, too. What worked for us was painting it with clear nail polish. He had a cluster of them and they died pretty quickly after that. So far, no recurrence either.
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