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Okay...I'm so frustrated. I've been behind the curve on the whole don't drink from plastic thing and now I've got some questions...

A little background...we've always lived in places with yucky (no, really...we're talking lawsuit yucky) we've always bought our water in, you guessed it, plastic jugs. And then we switched to Culligan, although we go fill up the jugs ourselves, the water still sits in plastic jugs until we use it. (And I fill up pitchers from the big jugs...plastic again...). Ack!

However, I HATE the "plastic taste"! So, I switch the kids water in the sippee cups frequently, and we rarely drink water that's been sitting in the sun (or hot car) because I hate the taste. Maybe that minimized a bit? Sometimes our water at home tastes a bit that way, and we drink it anyway, but I've noticed if we keep it cold it's by far better than when the pitchers sit on the counter. questions...

1.) What are the odds we've irreparably harmed ourselves or the kids?
2.) Can someone please break down the issue dummy style for me? I just don't have time to dig into it right now. I'd like to know...what the problem is, what causes it, what are the long term effects, what is the likelihood of true harm, and any other pertinent info.
3.) Does it help to switch the water frequently...or is it just my own placebo? (and can we continue to say, use plastic cups at meals, with water poured immediately before we eat, and not let it sit?)
4.) We will still probably need to continue buying our water, but what if I switched it to mason jars as soon as we got home? Is there an issue with the metal? Can the water sit in the glass for a week or two at a time? (I guess I don't know why not, it sits in the plastic).
5.) What is THE BEST (no, Britta doesn't count...we need SERIOUS filtration), PORTABLE (we move frequently, and don't own our house), and CHEAPEST filtration system?
6.) And I was looking at old links, and someone mentioned plastic dental fillings. So, if you don't use the amalgam, and you shouldn't use the plastic resin...THEN what?

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