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I really want to rid myself of plastic. But its everywhere. I really dont know where to start!

Today, I was about to buy a cutting was poly plastic. See it here:

Then I put it back bc of all the things Ive read here. Is that a safe plastic?

what about zip loc bags? I can probably live wo all the tupperware, but these are so would I freeze anything?

What about serving ware for dd? Sippy cups, plates, spoons.......

I look around my home and its really everywhere. Where do I start? Have any of you weaned yourself from plastic.....? Tell me how you did it and where do I begin?? I was thinking I would just bag it all up (the tupperware containers) and see how I do wo it. I do have some pyrex.....and am willing to buy more.

And Im just talking about plastic and food.........I havent even gone in to the other items, like toys, toothbrushes, etc etc But eventually Id like to severely limit if not do away with things plastic.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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