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I dye playsilks to swap and gift to friends and I love doing it. Right now I have lots of dye but no money for silks so I had this idea I could do them for swap. Here's the deal:

I will dye your silk one solid color for the swap of one silk blank of the same size. Meaning, if you want a rainbow of six silks, you send me twelve blanks and I will send you back six dyed silks and keep the other six blanks in trade. You pay for shipping to and from me (first class mail, I ship in a tyvek envelope). I can't always dye the silks right away, so I need a couple of weeks lead time on this.

I would suggest getting silks from Here are the ones I usually get for dyeing:
45" square:
54" square:

They are seriously back ordered on the 36" square ones - I've been waiting for a month for an order on these and they say they will not be able to fill all the back orders any time soon. I would suggest getting the 35" square ones from Dharma:

Also, if you are looking for the big playtent size, this is the best deal on them:

The colors I have right now are fuchsia, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, lavender, baby blue, pink, black, and ecru. If you have a special color request, order it from Dharma in the 2 oz size and send it to me. If you want a rainbow, let me know which colors you'd prefer in it (fuchsia or red, turquoise or blue, etc) or any other special requests.

I would like to dye the first batch in a couple of weeks, probably on the 26th. I could ship them out by the 27th and you could maybe have them by Halloween. After that I will probably dye every other week until Christmas. (I need to arrange for DH to be with our daughter for a couple of hours while I am dyeing, so I try to schedule it on weekends.) I am within a few hours of both Thai Silks and Dharma, so I usually get orders from them in 2 or 3 days.

If you are interested, please EMAIL me at [email protected]. My PM box is always hugely full because I forget to clean it out, so email is better. I will send you back my address and you can have the silks shipped directly to my house.

I didn't mean to hijack anyone's co op or anything, but I had this idea this morning and I thought it would be a good way for mamas to get dyed silks at a fairly reasonable price and I would get some silks out of the deal as well.
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