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Where does everybody get there playstands? So far I have seen these and these . I think I need the awnings to make it taller so those are two that I am looking at. Does anyone have any other ideas? If you have andy Elves and Angels things what is the quality like?

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I gave my FIL (rest in peace 2-15-05) a picture of a set from Ecobaby catalog and he made them for me for all of $40 or so. If you know someone who is talented in woodworking they aren't that hard to make. He even made the big clips from a router saw and used a cut piece of bike innertube for the band, pretty clever. He made a pattern in case we ever wanted more. LOL.
Then, I bought gauze cotton from Joanne's and they were great!
Maybe you can find someone and buy the supplies and have them made?
I have the set you looked at on ebay. I like the 2 shelves because you are able to put other toys on the shelves almost like storage...good for younger kids who don't really move the pieces for making forts, ships, etc. yet. The ones with one shelf (like Elves & Angles) are better for children to climb over the shelf and pretend they are driving a boat or ship for example.

The quality of the ones on ebay is good. The only hard part was the dowels that go across the awnings. They were difficult to get in and to keep glued.

I have also seen the Elves & Angels ones in person. They are great quality, but they are smaller compared to the others. They sit lower to the ground and the awnings aren't as tall.

I actually own a Waldorf toy business, so I have seen several. I sell the ones by Little Colorado only because I can't sell E&A ones anymore since their fire. These are nice (and much cheaper) but they do not have awnings.

Good Luck in your search! You might want to look at -and-
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I did the same as Sneezykids - my dh made playstands with a free pattern I found on the internet. We changed a few things because I wanted them taller and they came out great!
ETA, mine don't have the awnings, just the dowel and the clips to hold the guaze. My dd got alot of use out of them and of course other kids and moms thought they were neat. Good luck in your search!!
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whoops, i just saw my sig was messed up...
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