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Playstation 2 Bundle for Sale - SOLD

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Take all for $120

Playstation 2
Two Controllers
Network Adapter
8mg Memory Card
Carry Bag


Everquest Online Adventures x2
Socom US Navy Seals
Final Fantasy X
Gran Turismo 4
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Is it the thin PS2 or the original one?
WOW!! I wish I could sell DH's PS2 & Socom game!!
....... I think he'd rather be married to it than me sometimes....
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It's the original.
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Probably too early to ask, but if you decide to split the bundle up, let me know!
DH wants the network adapter..
(also, are you open to any trades?
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Maybe, what do you have FS?
Does the price include shipping? I know DS was looking for one. Will ask him about it when he gets up if it's still available.
It IS available, and it does include shipping.
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If this is available I'm interested in this for dh's birthday....

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Someone asked questions about it but it's still available.
SOLD, thanks!
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