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Hi Kim... so... this doctor "only" removes the ridged band... the most specialized part of the whole penis... how relieving... and he does not followup with the boys he mutilates... how reasuring. If only all the people who consent to his circumcisions knew that... that he was TOTALLY shooting in the dark- that he had NO CLUE what the outcomes were... holy camoly!!

Please find out what aftercare instructions this Dr. is giving to circumcising parents because this, what he is doing is a sure fire set up for skin bridges and second circumcisions AND lawsuits. This is absolutly UNACCEPTABLE! I am sure that a large portion of these boys are having complications from these circumcisions which leave scar tissue laying against the raw exposed glans. This is what happens to these boys who he "hopes" look intact... :

and this:
""The maddest parents, those who are ready to sue," said Gearhart, "are angry because their son doesn't look circumcised," because not enough skin was removed. These babies can be recircumcised, he said." (from Washington Post)

he is leaving a ring of SCAR infront of the glans and asking it to preform like the ridged band... DUH! That is a invitation to post circumcision PHIMOSIS... and more circumcised boys will be circumcised for phimosis than intact boys... so this Dr. IS causing HARM... and if he would just go do some followup- he would find out all about it... all he had to do is go to the pediatric urologist in town and ask... what kids are you re-circumcising... who did their circumcisions... what is wrong with them? And he would know if he was responsible.

I'm glad you are talking... here is a link to information about the ridged band. Would you please share it with this doctor...

and here is my "Ten Great Reasons for OBs to quit circumcing babies"

please please- give them to him. You can just tell him- "I was talking to my friend Sarah and she wanted me to give these to you and your partner." and tell him that I took this to the ACOG convention in Philly. There is no reason for this Dr. to be doing circumcisions... there are plenty of other people who can do it in his stead. An OB- by DEFINITION- is not supposed to TOUCH a male patient. Whatever it is they do... they must do it with female patients... any association with male patients is outside his field of expertise. On that alone he can easily take the high road and refuse circumcisions... just say- "Are you kidding? I am an OB- that means I am a WOMAN'S doctor... I don't touch children and I surely don't touch penises!!

Love Sarah

ridged band
Ten great reasons for Obstetricians to quit circumcising babies

1.To comply with ACOG guidelines of informed consent.
Being born with a normal male sex organ is not an emergency. A male can make this decision for himself if he chooses. ACOG makes a great effort to protect the physical integrity of female patients and to secure consent for all procedures, the willingness to ignore these guidelines in order to circumcise infant males highlights a sexist double standard. Males should also be respected as whole and embodied persons.

2. Circumcision violates the Hippocratic Oath. Participation in an invasive non-medical procedure is an indicator of a physician's professionalism.

3. American circumcision is a global embarrassment.
Callis Osaghae bled to death after a home circumcision in Ireland. Many Irish doctors were incensed when it was suggested that they should preform circumcisions for the immigrants who requested them. They felt this was an abuse of their medical training and a clear ethical broach. American doctors are protected by law, from pressure to circumcise females, yet no such legislation protects doctors from the pressure to circumcise males. Their inability to stand up to that pressure, in the absence of state mandated legislation, reflects poorly on their ability to comply with internationally accepted medical standards.

4. Obstetricians are specialists.
Despite this, obstetricians have cornered a market outside their specialty by popularizing the circumcision of male neonates. High pressure tactics in the hospital and a service industry conveyor belt give indifferent or reluctant parents the opportunity to secure a circumcision without having to do anything. A circumcising OB will rarely do any followup and will also not encounter any of the common long term pediatric or adult issues of circumcision damage. This confusion of the role of an obstetrician as child circumciser reflects poorly on the obstetric profession and abusively forces maternity nurses to cooperate.

5. Soliciting elective surgery from women in labor is abusive and unethical.
There is an implied medical endorsement when hospital staff solicits in the course of admitting patients. The AMA circumcision policy states that a lack of information and deferral of the decision until after the birth contribute to the high rate of circumcision in America. This means that if parents were given more time and more information, fewer would circumcise their son.

6. Unnecessary surgery exposes a circumciser to avoidable liability.

7. The refusal to treat infant pain is well documented. The obstetrician circumciser is the worst offender of any medical specialty, with the most appalling record right here in the northeastern US. Despite the AAP admonition that children not be exposed to the pain of circumcision, many medical schools still teach circumcision without pain relief. (using living human children)
Circumcision Practice Patterns in the United States
Stang HJ, Snellman LW Pediatrics. 1998 Jun;101(6):E5

8. Circumcision in America did not spring from our culture, it came from our doctors.
Circumcision is now known to have no medical value, yet doctors inexplicably offer it as a cultural service, maneuvering consent from fathers circumcised in an era predating modern respect for patient autonomy.

9. Circumcision gains public acceptance at the expense of a physician's professional integrity.
As long as physicians are willing to involve themselves in non-medical surgery, parents will be confused about the intended purpose of such surgery.

10. The best reason to say, "NO!" is your own.

This message to obstetricians comes respectfully to you from a survivor of Placenta Previa
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