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I've been misunderstood a few times in my threads, so let me start by saying this... My son will be left intact! (I was just getting information that is specific to our hospital, so I can use it when I wage anti-circumcision war against my DH!) With that said...

I went to an OB appointment yesterday. (This was the first one I've been to since I found out I'm having a boy and started to research circumcision.) After the "regular" part of the appointment, I brought up circumcision. "We found out we're having a boy, and are now talking about circumcision. What are your views on it? I don't want it done, but my husband is on the fence."

The first words out of his mouth were "There's no medical need for it." I told him a few things, letting him know that I've done my research, and blah blah blah. We talked about how it's only being done because nobody wants to be out of the local norm. He talked about how if insurance would quit covering it, circ rates would drop dramatically. I brought up a few things that I've learned, like how intact rates are so much higher out west than they are here in Wisconsin, etc. I was very happy to hear that he's against it (too bad he still does it though!). I was really afraid that I'd bring it up with him and he'd be giving me loads of BS. He didn't at all.

Then I asked specifically about the rates for the babies that he and his partner deliver. Sadly, he said only about 5% are left intact, most of those being Hispanic babies. (I was really hoping he'd have a higher number so I could use it against DH's "he'll be the only one in the locker room argument.")

Then I asked him what method he uses. He uses the Gomco and his partner uses the Plastibell. He uses a local anesthetic given via injection into the skin, and he also does some nerve blocking. (I didn't know what specific questions to ask about that.) Here's the interesting part... He says that he only takes off enough to be able to say that he did it. He's curious to know what these boys look like as they grow up. He thinks they might actually look like they're intact because he takes so little off, but obviously has no way of knowing because he doesn't see them after that day.

I asked him who signs the consent form and he said it has to be the mother, not the father. Also, he told me to have the nurses write it in big letters at the front of his chart "DO NOT CIRC" because he knows I'm a little bit worried about a mix-up or something. He says it's never happened because the hospital is so small, and when nurses pick up babies to bring them to be circ'd the first thing they do is check the baby's chart.

I'm trying to think of anything else that we talked about. I think at my next appointment I'll ask him if he can think of anything that I can do to help bring the circ rates down. Maybe he'll have an idea?

Just wanted to share my story...
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