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PLEASE baby, come OUT!

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Just a whine, girls. I am now 10 days over my due date. Had ctx all night. Went shopping with my pal and they continued the whole time, even getting stronger. Then I fell asleep and every time I woke up they were still there. Still there hanging around this morning.

WHen will this madness STOP? Someone please make her come OUT! I'm tired, already. I refuse to time any more contractions. NO more. I am done. I am about go on strike and this baby will just have to fall out, 'cause after what she is putting me through, I am going to refuse to do any work to help her out and she'll just have to fall out on her own.

I can be stubborn too. *harumpf!*

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Oh, honey. ((((hugs)))) I so wish you were NAKing your newborn now! Prayers that the little girl will come soon!
I read that the full moon starts tomorrow --- if so, it may be good news for all of us!!
Hang in there! She'll come!!
I'm a week overdue today and feeling the same way. I gave up on timing them. Actually it was my MWs advice, she said that when they get really intense and its *real* I'll know when we need to time them and call her. I had contractions all night long last night (I am SO tired) but I refused to time them, even though my mom kept wanting to when she was here.
I think we are both just having a long stage of early labor and when it finally gets going we will have done lots of prep work to make it all easier. Lots of
s to you! I hope she decides to come out with the full moon!
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I hope all the overdue babies come out soon! labour

I'm getting a lot of prelabour and sleepless nights due to cntrx, at the moment its ok but I know by next week when s/he is overdue I will be feeling like you ladies

Come on babies!
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Sorry for the giggling, you're just TOO CUTE! Here's are some (((((HUGS))))), I just KNOW you're gonna be next! ~sandi
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