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please contact OneStepAhead ~

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and tell them to stop selling Lilypadz immediately! these are plastic "nursing pads" that stick directly on the nipple to stop the flow of milk. this seems like an invitation to mastitis and clogged ducts!! the last thing new parents need are problems nursing.

here is the link to the product ~

and here is their contact e-mail address ~ [email protected]
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Why would they cause mastitis and clogged ducts?
I'd like some more info, too. I know several breastfeeding mamas who use(d) & love(d) them.... I don't recall hearing them say they caused problems, but if they DO, then I'd like to pass on the word.
They are simply nursing pads that apply a bit of pressure to help keep leaks from happening. They are a product that has helpedmany BREASTFEEDING mothers. I don't see what the problem is?
I have seen Lilypadz recommended here many times. I've never seen a single mention of them causing anyone problems.
I use Lilypadz every day (for five months now) and have never had problems. I don't use them around the clock, though (use Lana Wool pads at night). Lilypadz work using the same principle that LCs recommend to stop a sudden leak or letting down on the breast you're not feeding from: by applying pressure to the nipple.

I am aware that they have caused problems for some mamas, but other mamas, like me, LOVE them. Every product isn't for everyone. I'm glad we have a choice.
I've used Lilypadz since 2003 and LOVE them! I've never had any problems with mastitis or plugged ducts, and have saved many shirts from getting soaked!
I've only heard good things about these.... was considering looking at them next baby.... if anyone has had a negative experience with them please pass it on.

LilyPadz saved my tush one night when DS3 was a newborn. I was changing a diaper in the dark (normally not a problem) but when I lifted him to put a new diaper underneath he pooped. ALL OVER ME! Got all over my only nursing bra, which was holding in the nursing pads that were keeping me from soaking our bed. I pulled out the LilyPadz and was darn glad I had them. I didn't need to wear a bra to use them, so I could wash mine and go back to sleep without swimming in a sea of breastmilk
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I've only heard good things about them. I am considering getting them myself.
They helped me too when I had sore chafed nips. It's a good product.
I thought (in my current ignorance in these matters) that Lily padz were basically instead of keeping your arms crossed to provide pressure?
Yeah, they just provide a mild pressure to keep you from leaking. My sister loves hers. They didn't really work that well for me, no matter how snuggly I applied them. I still leaked. I use them for the pool/beach though. I haven't heard of anyone getting plugged ducts or mastitis from them. Lots of places sell them, not just One Step Ahead.
I loved mine and wore them especially when swimming or when wearing a clingy top that bulkier pads would have shown through. My ds called them "the starfish on my nurses"

Never had any problems with them at all.

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Originally Posted by lasciate
Why would they cause mastitis and clogged ducts?
i'm suprised about the overwhelming number of positive responses... maybe i'm just odd then and get clogged ducts more easily than most women (?) ~ but i've always been of the camp to not stop a leak from happening. let the milk flow! geez. ~ i've *had* clogged ducts, once because i used that "trick" to stop myself from leaking.
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They worked well for me too. I let down at the drop of a hat and soaked through MANY pads a day. It got a little tricky sometimes.
Funny coincidence, when I was flipping through my catalog just the other day I saw those LilyPadz & my 1st thought was "geeeeez, while wearing those you'd just be begging for mastitis!!" Obviously I've had no experience with them. But I do have experience with mastitis! OUCH!

So, all in all this thread has been quite educational.
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I've had mastitis twice - once with dd (no Lilypadz) and once last summer with my ds, right before I bought Lilypadz. No mastitis while using them. I *love* them and don't know what I'd do without them.
I, too, have had mastitis more than once and just wouldn't even think of going there! Not that every woman shouldn't, but I will stick with my lana for heavy wetters pads and just let it flow!
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I have used Lilypadz with no problems. The only time I had a clogged duct was before I even got my Lilypadz. They have some design flaws but I don't think they're dangerous unless you leave them on all the time without taking them off and washing them and letting your nipples dry out sometimes.
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