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Please criticize my newborn/small stash

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Here is what I have and think I am set to go in the newborn/small size for our baby due in September. Please let me know if there is anything I may be missing, but I think I am set at this point.

1 dz newborn prefolds
1 dz newborn prefolds(coming from sugarplum baby)
6 snappis
14 kissaluv 0's
1 nb/s harleyz
3 xs sugarbums fitteds
3 sugar peas size small fitteds
3 small happy heinys
2 small kiwi pie snap ins
3 small MJ sherpa's fitteds
3 s Crickett's fitteds
2 size 1 sugar peas fitteds
1 small rumpster
1 small schnoogly fitted
1 small sully bunz fitted
2 small laurieloos(?) fitted
1 small benjamuffin fitted
1 small SugarPlum Baby Fitted
1 small John Lennon print fitted WAHM
1 nb fleece Stacinator
1 nb fleece John Lennon cover WAHM
3 small aristocrats
1 small Bijou Baby Gear Wool Cover
17 small fuzzi bunz
14 hemparoos inserts
5 small bummis SWW
8 small proraps
36 infant prefolds
1 Firefly Nightlight size 1

OS dipes:

4 One Size Little Lambs AIO's
9 Growing Greens
4 Muttaqin 3 Step 1 size
1 Cuddlebuns Striped with Velour
1 Cuddlewrap

Let me know what you think!
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Looks like you have covered a lil of everything. So you can find what works for you. Good luck!
Looks good!

You're going to love those tiny Sugarbums. They have lots of stretch!

Oh what about a few wet bags
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Thanks! I do need a coupe of wetbags. I think I might like the kind that has aplix on top for one hand closure. I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag I was given for Mother's Day and also a couple of Kecci bags that I would like to kind of match. If anyone knows of a place, please let me know
I think I will also post this on another thread because now I think I really want to find something to go with them
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Looks like there is going to be one happy bottomed newborn at your house. Do you have pail liners? ( I used camp bags from walmart @$4) Wipes?
Love your stash!!
I would recommend some more wool. How about longies or soakers? And lots of wipes. SugarPlumBaby & Jack's Magic Beanstalk both have really great wipes. You've got an awesome selection of diapers! A bit of everything! Have fun diapering a newborn!
It seems like so long ago for me.
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That looks great! If I were you I'd start collecting mediums now. LOL
Wow... I think you're pretty much set. Wow.

How about wipes? Wet bags? Wipe recipes/potions (if you feel like it)? Some kind of cloth-friendly diaper rash ointment/cream? Diaper bag? That's all I can think of.

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Great stash!!! Maybe some pins...
It looks like you'll have plenty! I'd start getting mediums now, just in case you have a quick plumper upper!
and I agree on some pins or a snappi just in case.
HOw about a cute wool soaker?
I LOVE tiny little soakers.. LOL
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wow, that is one lucky baby! You look definitely prepared!
You will have lots of fun!
I would look into a large pul bag for dirty dipes, wet bag for your diaper bag, cloth changing pad maybe, cloth wipes too!
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